Natalie Brooke & The Infinity Tribe

Natalie Brooke & The Infintiy Tribe (3)

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Natalie Brooke is a known musical force as both a keyboard player and band leader. Impressive musicianship and lively experimental energy combines with compelling writing to make her instrumental fusion band The Infinity Tribe. Conceptualized during the 2020 covid winter, Natalie began writing the music for the bands first album that was released in late 2022 titled “If I Could Be Infinite.” The sound is inspired by 1970’s funk and fusion artists like Billy Cobham, Return to Forever and Herbie Hancock - the same attitude and need for exploring new ideas but done in a different decade. The band consists of members Alex Petropulos of Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, Ari Lesser of Dancing Bears: Grateful Dead Tribute and Artie Sadtler of STIG and has blown away audiences show after show for a little over a year now. The Infinity Tribe has album number two under way, and an unstoppable live performance… It is only the beginning for this crew of musicians and the musical pathway that they will pave.

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