Never Never

Never Never was formed in 1987 out of the post-Ravyns (Raised on the Radio) project, Rob Fahey's Word of Mouth. Kevin 'Spike' Settles played drums and sang in several of the Girard's-era new wave bands (L7 and Lab Animals) and on many nights opened for his future bandmates. (Girard’s was a popular downtown nightclub of the time.) In Word of Mouth, Spike played drums and handled many of the high vocal harmonies and a few lead vocals, and occasionally fronted the band while someone sat in on drums. Word of Mouth guitarist (and former Ravyn) David Bell approached Spike on New Year's Eve, 1987, about fronting a new band that would write some songs and cover all the coolest 70's bands: mostly Led Zeppelin, but also Aerosmith, Van Halen, Bad Co., Doors, etc. It was originally conceived as a "for fun" project. David had a name for the new band: Never Never The Line Up Spike - lead vocals, harmonica, rhythm guitar David Bell - lead guitar, vocals Erik Krakau - bass John Davis or Nick Bertling - drums